In the News


Here are some links to recent news items featuring the Page Lab:


   June 2018: Radiolab piece on X and Y chromosomes features David Page


   June 2018: "Secrets of the Y Chromosome" in New York Times


   Nov 2017: Nature Medicine story on accounting for sex in GWAS studies


   Oct 2017: David Page's lecture for Simons Center for the Social Brain Lunch Series


   Nov 2016: David Page interviewed for Boston Globe article on state of NIH funding


   Aug 2016: David Page's Grand Rounds presentation at Yale covered in Innovations in Women's Health


   Apr 2016: David Page interviewed by WGBH about the Human Genome Project


   Jan 2015: David Page is featured in The Scientist


   Oct 2014: David Page is interviewed on Big Picture Science


   Sep 2014: Video of David Page's interview on Science for the Public


   Jun 2014: David Page talks about Y chromosome research on Minnesota Public Radio


   Apr 2014: Latest Y chromosome research featured in New York Times


   Apr 2014: Y chromosome function in Nature podcast


   Aug 2014: "Seven things you should know about Dr. David C. Page" in Boston Globe


   Nov 2013: "Why the Y?" in New York Times


   Apr 2014: Turner syndrome in Boston Globe


   Mar 2014: Whitehead Institute and Biogen collaboration in Boston Globe


   Jan 2013: David Page's talk on sex and disease at TEDx Beacon Street


   Mar 2012: David Page on the Colbert Report


   Feb 2012: Y chromosome holding its ground in New York Times


   Feb 2012: Nature Podcast featuring rhesus Y chromosome paper


   Jul 2010: Page Lab study on bird sex chromosomes featured in New York Times


   Jan 2010: New York Times article on chimpanzee Y chromosome